This book is written in a ‘point-counterpoint’ style by Kate Zenna and David Wolfe.  Kate’s voice is one of an artist.  David’s voice is one of a CPA and businessman.  We teach this:

There is a mindset about money. And most people, particularly artists, have really bad ideas about money – how to make it, how to save it – and don’t realize the true reason for money and what it is really good for.

We will give you some creative ways to think about money and will supply real-life tactics to make the changes you need to help you become even more creative as an artist. We will teach you how to partner with yourself to become a Responsible Artist in your own right.

Time and money go hand in hand. How you use your time has a direct impact on your ability to earn – and your ability to create. We will teach you how to:

  • Work to the clock
  • Do the opposite of what you see everybody else doing
  • Realize what your time vampires are
  • Create a loose schedule to help you get the dirty administrative work completed so you can do your artistry with a clear mind
  • Never say “But I don’t have time to ______” ever again

Here’s a hard truth: All artists are in business. You have to get jobs and you have to get paid. The more jobs or commissions you have, the more money you make. The more money you make, the more money you have to save.  The more money you save,  the more ability you have to live and work as an artist because you have rainy day money. We will teach you about the business you are really in and how this knowledge will make you even more creative by becoming a marketer and a business person.

Reading and applying the principles in this book will start you on your way to becoming a Responsible Artist.

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This book is written in a ‘point-counterpoint’ style by Kate Zenna and David Wolfe. Kate’s voice is that of an artist while David’s is of a businessman.

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